Bolder thinking generates bolder bottom lines.

Problems are easy to find; solutions are harder. Our solutions are designed to resolve anesthesia billing and revenue cycle management problems.

Two decades of satisfied clients give credence to the solutions we offer now and the solutions still ahead.

BASCONNECT™ (Connect) is the leading cloud-based medical billing software.

Connect delivers accelerated claims processing, streamlined collections management, and unparalleled reporting capabilities. Connect is hosted in a secure data center that undergoes an annual SOC 1 Type 2 audit. It features active network and infrastructure monitoring, high-availability internet bandwidth provided by diversified Tier-1 carriers, reliable data backup, and extensive physical security including biometric access devices. Be at ease knowing that your encrypted data resides in a secure data center, not on your personal computers.

Connect handles the medical billing complexities of claim management for your practice. Developed with you in mind, Connect was intuitively designed with flexibility, streamlined processes, and a full range of reporting options. In addition, strictly enforced exception edits ensure claim accuracy resulting in prompt reimbursement.

  • Automated collections monitoring and tools
  • Role-based security and activity tracking
  • Compatibility with electronic medical records, electronic remittance advice, and electronic statements
  • Integrated patient scheduling and account management
  • Real-time error checking
  • Online access to image repository, custom reports, and data analytics
  • Secure data in a HIPAA-compliant data center, not in your office

The Connect platform includes Front Office, Back Office, Portal and Connect Mobile Assistant.

In addition to the client applications, this platform also includes web-based reporting through Connect Portal. With Connect, you can access your practice financials from anywhere at any time. You can view your real-time data and create custom reports or dashboards from any internet-connected computer or Apple® or Android® mobile device. Connect Portal lets you see critical data that is often buried deep within your practice. Reports are represented graphically on dashboards showing high-level processes and are easily drilled down to see low-level details. All reports are exportable to multiple file formats. Connect lets you monitor the performance of your practice so that you can make informed decisions 24/7.

Connect also offers a complimentary mobile app, Connect Mobile Assistant, for your Apple® or Android® mobile devices. With Connect Mobile Assistant, you can manage appointments and cases 24/7 from anywhere at any time.

Connect’s up-to-date technology, extensive data security, intuitive user interface and web-based access give you a better net result.