Simplify your practice management with bold technology.

Our system allows you to easily access practice financials, view real-time data, create custom reports or dashboards and manage appointments and cases from anywhere at any time with Internet connection on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

It takes a village to raise a child, the saying goes. We say it takes a community to build the best software. Sure, we have years of experience creating, expanding and enhancing our software solutions, but, the best part is that our clients aren’t bashful. Together, we keep on developing the best anesthesia billing platforms on the market. Join the collaboration; we’d love to hear from you.

Bolder Anesthesia Solutions offers product support to all clients through its Support Center. This fully automated service provides you the advantage of being able to report issues directly and to track the tickets at your convenience.

Support Center provides continual communication via e-mails triggered by the activity recorded. For example, submitting a new ticket, updating a ticket, commenting on the issue, or closing the issue once it is resolved. You can add comments and attach documentation to a ticket so that it can be resolved efficiently. The Bolder Anesthesia Solutions Client Support team will give you the attention you need to resolve each issue quickly.

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Bolder Anesthesia Solutions offers instructor-led training to help your staff understand and fully support your medical billing solution. All training courses are taught by our Education Services team whose real-world experiences enhance the course content. Whether you are adding a staff member, need a refresher course, or are expanding your business, our professional staff can customize a training program to meet your needs.

Our staff recognizes the importance of your implementation and are dedicated to the success of your practice. We provide personalized training throughout the implementation process delivering content remotely or at your facility.

Education Services include the following:

  • Software Utilization Analysis
  • Product Implementation
  • Training Documentation
  • Educational Webinars
  • Additional Training