CASE STUDY: Upgrading to Easy – Faster and Simpler Billing System Eliminates Steps, Speeds Up Cash Flow

With nearly 50 anesthesia providers covering eight facilities across Lincoln, Neb., Associated Anesthesiologists, P.C., wanted to streamline billings and prepare the practice for future growth. Automatic insurance payment posting and paperless EOBs through BASCONNECT™ save time and reduce days in accounts receivable.

Scott Tinkham, Administrator, Associated Anesthesiologists, P.C.

Scott Tinkham, Administrator, Associated Anesthesiologists, P.C.

Scott Tinkham is real clear about what’s important to him. He’s gracious and friendly, and his words are precise and direct. Tinkham is a practice administrator who wants his office to run as smooth as possible.

To meet that goal, Tinkham and his colleagues at Associated Anesthesiologists build efficiencies into the practice everywhere they can, and are

constantly exploring ways to make improvements in operations and cash flow.

Tinkham is the administrator for Associated Anesthesiologists, P.C. and has been with the group for more than two years. He’s worked in medical practice administration for 26 years.

“To build and maintain a great practice, first we invest in outstanding providers, and we want them to spend their time providing

anesthesia services and high-quality patient care,” said Tinkham. “Next, we invest in great office staff and the support systems we need to do our jobs well on the business side, so they can do their jobs even better on the clinical side. Our upgrade to Bolder Anesthesia Solutions’ Connect platform has helped our entire practice be more productive and profitable.”

Associated Anesthesiologists uses Connect as its cloud-based billing software.


Christi Etheridge, Associated Anesthesiologists, P.C.

Christi Etheridge, Associated Anesthesiologists, P.C.

Software and system upgrades, for most practice managers and healthcare providers can be scary, uncomfortable, and even painful. But they don’t have to be.

Associated Anesthesiologists has been a user of Bolder Anesthesia Solutions’ server-based billing software for many years. The case for moving to Connect was an easy one to make.

“There were limitations on remote connectivity and database functionality with our server-based configuration, and it was just less flexible. It worked well for us, but we knew it was time to do something different,” said Tinkham.

Tinkham, along with coding specialists Christi Etheridge and Nicole Johnson, teamed up to organize and manage the conversion. They’ve all been through technology conversions before, and this one went well.

“During the conversion to Connect, of course, there were bumps in the road, as you’d expect with any large project, but Bolder Anesthesia Solutions’ staff stayed with us the whole way,” Etheridge said. “Whenever issues arose, their attitude was, ‘Let’s get it done right. Let’s sit down and figure this out.'”


#1 Associated Anesthesiologists provides anesthesiology services to facilities throughout Lincoln, Neb. There are 52 providers in the practice.

#2 The practice upgraded to cloud-based Connect to decrease claims processing times, reduce the risk of server maintenance, and automate payment postings.

#3 Using Connect, Associated Anesthesiologists has accelerated cash flow, lowered days in accounts receivable, and prepared the practice for future growth.


Tinkham said the practice works with many insurance providers on claims and payments. Receiving, reconciling, and posting payments have always been time-intensive processes.

“The posting of individual insurance payments used to take us hours each week,” said Tinkham. “The Electronic Remittance Advice interface we have with Connect has automated that process, and it now happens in a matter of minutes. Not only is it much faster, but there’s also less risk of errors.”

Tinkham’s staff is also handling less paper and doing less scanning of Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) statements. EOBs are placed directly and electronically into a patient’s file for payment reference. Etheridge has 20 years of billing experience and has seen jumps in electronic claim filing productivity.

“Since we made the upgrade to Connect, we’ve saved time on insurance claim filings,” said Etheridge. “With the number of providers and cases we handle, we’re generating dozens of claims each day so small time savings add up quickly.”

Faster bills also mean improved cash flow. Tinkham has seen days in accounts receivable drop significantly.

“We pay close attention to accounts receivable and since making the switch to Connect, we’ve seen days in A/R drop which is a big leap, so we’ve been very pleased,” said Tinkham.

Tinkham also points to the Denial Management Report which provides access to fast and easy-to-understand data on insurance denials so they can remediate those as quickly as possible. The short-term productivity gains have been nice, and the foundation for future growth provides extra peace of mind.

“Connect has given us the capacity to handle temporary volume spikes, as well as expansion in our practice as it occurs with new providers and facilities,” said Tinkham. “We’re well prepared for the future.”